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Brazilian Let Down.

With UFC Sao Paulo wrapping up, after a long, long night, here's what we can take away. The UFC is trying to do to much, I think we would all benefit from fewer cards, that had a higher quality of fights. Maybe its just me, but it seems like the last two Fight Nights were lack luster. I think a big draw for the promotion years ago, was the fact that you had to wait a few weeks between fights, now they flow almost weekly. Instead of trying to push every week like the next greatest war, we should slow down, and make 1 Fight night, and 1 PPV a month. with shows promotions like Bellator, and ONEFC, there is no shortage of quality events.

Call outs. For the newcomers, hear me out. After every fight the new hot thing is to make a ridiculous call out, way out of your ranking. Stop. If you think callouts will make you the next Gamebred. Not going to happen kids. Its just not. When Olivera won, He called out McGregor and Khabib, let that sink in, Just let it simmer. I understand that everyone wants the ticket to a "Red Panty Night", but those days are gone.

That being said, If you win? Make a reasonable call out, and move along. With this new ear of call outs and BMF titles, the authenticity is wearing at an all time thin. So, lets get back to fighting, and stop trying to go viral. Conor doesn't want to fight you.


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