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Comedy In 2019

Chances are, if you have followed entertainment lately, you probably witnessed the outrage culture we have going on right now, am I right? With things like gender and biology becoming more of an urban legend by the day, it is great to see that at least one frontier still exists. Comedy. And its offensive.

In a day in age where you can be demonized for saying, implying or sarcastically making a joke, stand up stands strong. We should all be thankful for this last rebellious stage, Stand-up. It gives everyone a break from the monotony of the daily grind, and hustle. It allows you to forget whats acceptable and politically correct and just laugh. Even if society says you shouldn't be. A lot of people would probably agree with me (or maybe not) that this is the golden age of comedy, with guys like Joey Diaz bringing that old school vibe to a modern day that needs it, and women like Nikki Glaser showing what comedy looks like when its done right, it's a good time to be a fan of the open mic.

Anytime you can laugh at the politically wrong, or the slightly offensive? That's a win in my book. But what makes this work? Its the right combination of people who live to push boundaries, and people who love enforcing boundaries. Lets face it, when you have Dave Chappelle hitting Netflix specials, one after another, its pretty clear what the people want, and its not a "nerfed" corner, watered down comedy hour. They want a brash, offensive, well timed and articulated set. And that's exactly what were getting these days, and they just keep coming, with no end in site.

Even the "newer" Comics are picking up where the greats left off. People like Andrew Santino, and Theo Von have been around the game for a while now, but they are hitting on all cylinders now. Do you wanna know who the next "Greats" will be? Its Santino, Its Von, Its Glaser, It's every single comic who says what they want, and says it how it is.


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