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D. Till's Excellent Adventure

With D.Till calling out a laundry list of names, where does he go? Here is my opinion. I would like to see him enter the octagon across from good ol' Bobby Knuckles. Whittaker would be and amazing fight, and if Till wins, its a huge jump. Honestly, I see Darren taking over the 185lb Division. Winning against Whittaker, puts him at the top of the title contender list.

Izzy is a totally different story, Stylebender matches up too well against Till to see a clear victory for either man. If Till stays focused, and keeps his head on straight, its the top of the game for this guy. That being said, Izzy has all the potential in the world to stay at the top for a long, long time. I'll put it this way, if till Till doesn't beat him? No one does.

In the hypothetical world that Till Makes a 185lb title run, who wouldn't want to see him move up (again) and dethrone the G.O.A.T, good ol' Jonny Bones...I'm just throwing that out there. Heres to a wild, unpredictable, and absolutely mad 2020 in the 185 world.


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