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F*ck you, I did it.

Alas the day has come and gone, My first time on stage. What an experience, to say the least. I went from, "lets do this" to "I don't belong here" to "what am I thinking" and finally to "This is where I belong". I have been watch my dream play out for years, watching from a distance until finally deciding "What do i have to lose". And the answer is absolutely nothing, but what i gained is priceless.

The night started with a level or nervousness i have never felt, and i have been through it all. This was different, this was Me, standing infront of a crowd, with a light, and a mic. Nothing, but Me, and my material. No buffer, No saftey net. Nothing. I walked into a room, full of seasoned comedians and new talent, a great mix. I was the first one to sign up, and the last to go up. Which in the end, was best. The first 8 Comedians set the bar, and gave me something to shoot at, and shoot i did.

I was convinced i wasn't ready, I was convinced I wouldn't do this, that I couldn't. Until my name was called. I stepped on stage, and I felt at home. I felt like this is where I was meant to be. My material wasn't mailing, you could read the nerves on my face, but something clicked in my brain. This, This is what i needed. I have a lot to say, and i have been talking my entire life. Now, its time to take this with everything I have, and the sky is the limit. The band aid has been ripped off, the fear of doing it is not such a monster, and I know what I can do now.

With 2020 right around the corner, I have a goal, a real, solid goal. The only thing holding me back? That would be me. Not anymore. Look for me in 2020.

- ByExplained on all major social media.

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