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Goals Moving Forward.

I'm not really sure what I have as expectations with this. All I know is I enjoy it, and that's enough. I'm not here to get rich, impress anyone, or put out fake content. I just enjoy writing, I enjoy putting my thoughts out into the ether, its quite therapeutic. Hopefully in the coming months, I will manage to get a better grip on writing, because right now? Its rough. I look to start moving this project forward, with an open mind. Tips? I'

ll take'em. Complaints? I'll listen. At the end of the day this is nothing more then me taking a step out of my comfort zone. Its for me to learn how to deal with a new feeling, or way of thinking. Hopefully, someone will find it as interesting as I do. Another goal I have set for myself is this, Open Mic. I would, or should I say.. I am going to be doing several open mic nights, with the sole goal of learning how to get over my self. I want to expose myself, to myself. Humility.

So, I'll leave it here, 2020 will be an uncomfortable year. And I am O.K with that. Follow along through the website, the Twitter or Instagram feed, and poke fun, like or don't like. But I invite you to be a part of this with me.

Leaving 2019 Behind, and heres to a New 2020!


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