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UFC Moscow

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

With another great night of fights in the books, lets take a look at what we learned.

Greg Hardy is not as terrible as he once was, but he isn't really that good. He showed a lot of improvement, and went all three rounds. That really didnt impress me though, after all, Volkov was playing a points game. Hardy is 265 pounds of hard hitting power with not much thought behind it. At one point he grabbed Volkov's arm with both hands. Staring blankly until Volkov threw his free hand over the top, breaking the gaze. Hardy seemed to be humbled afterwards, and was very respectful, something i liked seeing. after fighting 5 times this year, time off might be in order. He is going to spend a lot of time fighting guys ranked 7-15 in my opinion, at least untill he starts thinking before punching.

Next in line for Volkov? I would say it will be Overeem, if he gets the W in DC.

Next in line for Hardy? Blagoy Ivanov comes to mind.

Now lets look at the Main Event. Zabit, once again looked amazing...through 2 rounds. Kattar played a good safe game against him, but it wasn't enough. Once we got into the third round, Calvin came alive, out boxing, pressuring and had great control of the round. But, too little to late. Zabit won, as he should have. It makes you wonder how well he could hold up against a solid five round fighter. I dont see it going his way, thats for sure. Make no mistake, for those first 2 rounds? You will be hard pressed to find a better striker. After that? It gets grey, really quickly.

Next in line for Zabit? I would like to see Ortega.

Next in line for Kattar? Jeremy Stevens would fit the bill.

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