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Whats up People, Back at it again. Don’t have much to say, but once this holiday business is over, we’ll be back in business. I have been writing in my book for months now, and I feel like its 90% garbage, and 8% filler. But that 2% is beginning to float to the top, and that’s a good feeling. It is kind of nice, and gratifying to see ideas that I think are worthwhile, becoming more and more tangible in my scribble. And that’s exactly what it is, chicken scratch, with doodles, and arrows connecting one random thought to the next.

I started this page to write about MMA, and that will still happen, but I have found it more natural to write about whatever is boiling over inside my head. The holiday season is zero help with this. It is almost impossible to find time to write, or update the page, but I have been getting better at setting aside time for this. Hopefully, you all stick with me here.

I have started a Facebook page, as almost a side project, from my side projects. It’s basically memes, based off of what I have been writing in my book about. Is it funny? I believe so, but that’s subjective. Its gaining steam, and I enjoy doing it, so there is that.

While writing, I try and stay as genuine as possible, I write about things I find funny. It’s that simple, it might not be for everyone, but I’m not doing this for everyone, this has become an outlet for my brain. And that’s a train with no direction, but somehow it works. Moving forward, I look forward to writing more and more of these small little personal looks into my brain, and you may not like it. But, I really don’t like most of it either. But I am putting it out there, because somewhere, somebody might find it interesting. If you get anything out of these small articles, share it around. Let your friends know, tell your family, tell anybody.


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